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Mason Pearson Small Extra Hair Brush (B2) in Dark Ruby

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The Small Extra isn't small; it's just a little smaller than the Large Extra.

  • The "Extra" in the model name refers its extra-stiff grade boar bristles.
  • Best suited for medium-long hair of average to moderate density.
  • 7 rings of stiffer-grade pure boar bristle tufts
  • Each tuft contains bristles cut in 2 lengths
    • Shorter bristles focus on cleaning and polishing the hair cuticle
    • Longer "spired" bristles collect and distribute natural oils that add body and shine.
  • Pneumatic rubber cushion regulates the penetration of each tuft to effectively condition the hair and scalp.
  • Overall size is 8 7/8 by 2 3/4 inches.
  • Special cleaning brush included.

Also available in Ivory, Pink and Blue

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Brilliant product

The brush is fantastic! The construction of the brush is exceptional, the bristles pamper the scalp, and I suspect my hair will start looking healthier in no time.

Valerie G.
This was a very good buying experience

Item quality is wonderful and this company is one I was very happy to purchase from. They were extremely responsive and truly dedicated to customer service. I highly recommend them!!

Elizabeth G.
I love my Mason Pearson

These brushes are wonderful and long lasting, as in for decades. Though expensive, since they last for such a long time and are so good for our hair, they do wind up being cost effective. Dealing with Tressance was easy and informative. Mr. Bernstein guid

Excellent Service

I bought one Mason Pearson brush from Tressence and had such an amazing experience that I then bought 2 more. I even called the company with a question and was very pleased with the customer service I received. Excellent, excellent company that I highly r

great brush

I have long straight hair. I love the combo of the rake comb and B2 brush. I comb first to detangle and then brush for smooth shine.

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