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Here are all the product reviews that have been generously contributed by purchasers. We publish them in the hope that they will help you find the products that are right for you.
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Mason Pearson hair brush

Arrived quickly. Love the brush.

Childrens brush

Fast delivery and the cutest Childrens hairbrush

Love Tressence!
Did not realize this brush was SO TINY!

Great Hairbrush

The brush was shipped promptly and received just as quickly. The Mason Pearson brushes are high quality, built to last. The pneumatic cushion makes them more comfortable to use. I’ve used MP brushes for decades and can recommend them heartily.

Excellent product

Great quality

Pearson extra large hairbrush

Seems to be doing the job as described. My daughter has very long hair and she says it works well

Great Brush

Met my expectations. A wonderful brush to use, I love it.

It Really Is The Best Brush

I wasn’t sure if it was a lot of hype or not, but no, this brush is the bees knees. My hair just feels…stronger with all the scalp oils distributed down to the ends. The ends aren’t flyaway and wispy looking, which I hate. If you can afford it, get this brush.

Excellent quality comb

Top of the line. We are pleased with the comb.

Mason Pearson Large Extra Hair Brush (B1)

First Class Quality & Service!!!!!!!!

Discovered as I was searching for someplace to purchase the Mason Pearson Hairbrushes and was thrilled immediately! The owner assisted me and shipped the hairbrush immediately. Great service, wonderful products & really fantastic pricing! Highly recommend

Mason Pearson N3 Detangler

Love this style for wet hair! Doesn't snag or pull! So worth it!!!

Love my brush

Great customer service and I love my brush


Purchased for my daughter. She loves it and loves the brush.

Very Nice Brush

While I bought this small handle brush for another purpose, I tried it on my hair and liked everything about it but for the electricity it seems to generate during our frequent SoCal santa ana wind, low humidity days.


Bought this for my daughter for Christmas....she loves it!

My hair loves my MP brush!

I Love my Mason Pearson pink brush! Very quick shipping! Even right in the middle of holidays, I was shocked at how quickly I received my beautiful brush. I love the way it feels on my scalp and makes my hair smooth shiny and healthy looking! I lost my first mason pearson brush and my hair was just not the same without it so I found this wonderful website to replace my lost brush. Once you use MP brush, it’s hard to go back to any other brush!💕Lj

Wonderful product and service

I purchased the Popular hair brush (BN1). Received wonderful communication on shipping delays and timely responses to my questions. Very well made product. I can notice a difference in my hair already.

Large Extra Hair Brush (B1)

First this seller is wonderful! I would give this business 10 stars!!! Quick shipment, very friendly and responsive to our product concern. Fantastic experience.

My wife has shoulder length hair and this brush does not have long enough bristle's to grab and comb her hair. We should have purchased the one with Nylon. If you are purchasing as a gift, try calling and speaking with someone instead of just reading online and selecting a brush.

Best Brush Ever!!!

This brush is definitely worth the price they ask for it! And, you know you are getting the real deal when you purchase from Tressence! No worrying that you bought a fake! Glad I found them!

Great brush

This was a gift for my teenage niece who has very long hair and she loves her new brush.

Great Company

Best Service ever!

Awesome scalp stimulator

You can't go wrong with a boar's bristled brush, afterall that is what all the hairstylists use for a reason.

Tressence Mason Pearson Hair Brush

Excellent service. Highly recommend.

3rd Mason Pearson in 20 years

Sure these brushes are a luxury but each is worth it. I now have long blonde hair with extensions and won't use anything else on my hair. Normal brushes or dupes don't begin to feel the same as a Mason Pearson brush, not even close. Spend the money and get a brush that will last you 15-20 years. I still have my other two (one for my vanity, one for the road and now one for my purse). The junior size is the size I like best because it's not to small yet not too large for your hand.

I wanted to add that Tressence sent the brush very quickly, even a few days before Christmas and it arrived promptly.